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Higdon Compton Insurance Agency began in the early 1960's by an ambitious law clerk working in a prominent Houston law firm. Higdon Compton, Sr. saw an opportunity to bond lawsuit cost's in lieu of cash and the agency was born. We have a reputation for honesty and integrity that is a founding principle of Higdon Compton Agency. Our clients have learned to expect certain courtesies from HCA. We pride ourselves on

  • Direct communication with decision makers

  • Prompt return of phone calls and emails

  • Fast response to bond requests

  • Honest answers

  • Respectful consideration of their suggestions

  • All the things that build client/agency relationship into a long-term partnership

We have proved that providing consistently good service attracts repeat business. Our agency is customer driven, rather than market-driven. Focused on pursuing sound surety fundamentals - stringent field underwriting discipline and outstanding personal customer service, our mission is to continue to achieve long-term, enduring value for our customers, rather than temporary success. We are pleased to report that we continue to resist the allure of short-term benefits while building a foundation for long-term surety company and customer loyalty.

Higdon Compton Agency's surety and fidelity operations are firmly established. While the majority of our book of business consists of solid standard accounts, we don't rely on convenient formulas to make a decision.

That leaves us free to utilize common sense and underwriting tools like:

  • the SBA

  • the use of collateral

  • Funds Disbursement

  • Account Control or

  • an excess rate when the occasion warrants

Our goal is for clients to think of Higdon Compton Agency first for both their standard and specialty business. The basic fundamentals of our business will remain constant: Respond forcefully to niche-market opportunities; identify value-added partnerships; know when to enter a situation, and know when to exit one; and, most importantly, continue to build customer value over the long-term. In the word's of one of our surety partner's, 'our main activity will be to continue our tradition of finding a responsible way to say "yes" to bond requests'. As a result, more customers than ever thought of HCA first for both standard and specialty surety business.



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Higdon Compton Insurance Agency specializes in surety bonds in Texas, construction bonds in Texas, court bonds in Texas, probate bonds in Texas, license and permit bonds in Texas, Auto Dealer Surety Bonds in Texas, Supersedeas Bonds in Texas, and all types of surety bonds.  Higdon Compton Insurance Agency is based in Texas, offering surety worldwide.